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We have over 20 years of combined experience.

about us

Built Upon Experience

Roxy Marketing is a results driven digital marketing agency built upon over 20 years of experience.

We know that delivering engaging content at the right time is now more critical than ever. We work with brands who want to engage with their audience and grow.

We believe that each company should have a tailored marketing strategy that includes a creative campaign.

Work with us and we will do all the hard work to increase your TRAFFIC, CLICKS and CONVERSIONS.

our story

Built Upon Experience

Roxy Marketing was founded by Tony Roxburgh in 2021 during a global crisis.

After 10 years of consulting and working as a freelancer with many brands, Tony made the decision in 2021 to start the Roxy Marketing brand.

Tony is passionate about working businesses and brands on customer acquisition and business growth.

Tony began his career in the service sector and helped grow a service business which was valued at £30 million before it was sold in 2008.

Tony is a qualified Google Search Consultant and is experienced in using data as a baseline for growth in many industries.

Tony’s vision is to grow Roxy Marketing organically inline with our clients needs. With strong values and a client-centric approach Roxy Marketing aims to foster and develop trusted, close client relationships allowing us to better understand our clients, but more importantly the needs of their clients.


Targeted Solutions

Using the latest innovation and technology, we go all out for a high impact.

We offer bespoke solutions to the challenges faced by our customers based upon channel experience.

Our process

Data Lead, Based on Accurate Data

A trusted process we have been using for over 20 years in a number of industries.

Connect your brand to your customers